DEEP Artificial Intellegence, RECRUITING EXPERTISE, AND HUMAN WISDOM uncovers product managers, project managers, and business anaylists FASTER THAN ANYONE ELSE.

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What We Do

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We Use AI to Recruit Product Management Talent 3x Faster 

Use AI-powered technology

to reach new talent pools and candidate profiles.

Incorporate machine learning

to search and access more candidates in less time.

Uncover product management talent

that no one else can find.

We connect companies and product management talent

faster than anyone.

Focus on quality and diversity

3x as many interviews of qualified and exceptional candidates.



More Qualified Product Management Talent and Interviews


We Use Deep AI and Human Wisdom to Find Your Next Product Management Unicorn

Sourcing new product management employees without disrupting your existing workflow while ensuring that they meet and exceed expectations can be challenging! Plus, it can be very time-consuming.
But it does not have to be.

At Veritas Talent Group, we use AI, machine learning, and human wisdom to help you source your next product management unicorn

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We are the future of product management recruitment!

Veritas Talent Group  uses cutting-edge technology and AI-powered solutions to quickly reach the industry’s deepest pool of product management candidate profiles. 

Our innovative approach to sourcing talent achieves the following results:

Overcome bias

in talent recruitment process.

Expand reach

and access fresh data from over 70 sources.

Diversify your reach

and overcome existing limitations. 

Enhanced engagement

to quickly fill your pipeline.

Track and report

results to so you know where you are headed.

Take advantage of our specialized and filtered product management recruitment sourcing process to access the top talent for your business. Rapidly grow and expand your product team with Veritas Talent Group